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GAHE Committees

Our committees need you! Your active participation at the committee level contributes to the organization’s success, and we welcome your interest in sharing your skills and expertise. Most work is done by conference calls and emails to make it easy to participate regardless of your location and work/study schedule.

Communications Committee

Purpose: To support GAHE initiatives with appropriate branding, marketing and communications in order to build and foster member engagement. Examples of tasks include: Website Content – ensures accuracy, readability and functionality of Newsletter – provides and coordinates content for GAHE’s quarterly newsletter Event/Program Announcements – works with Programs Committee to provide proper communications around GAHE programs

Member Relations Committee

Purpose: To serve as liaison to GAHE members by facilitating activities in support of our mission to provide programming, networking and career development. Specific task forces are responsible for the following: Advancement Task Force Provides resources to assist members seeking to advance to ACHE Fellow. Member Satisfaction Task Force Facilitates responses to member questions/requests and works maintain member satisfaction. Student Task Force Serves as liaison to ACHE student members and facilitates the chapter’s ability to meet needs specific to students.

Programs Committee

Purpose: To offer programming to GAHE members that will facilitate learning, networking and professional development and provide ACHE CEUs. This committee has task forces for special events including: Regional Programs Task Force Plans and coordinates education/networking events in major areas outside of Atlanta

Sponsorship Committee

Purpose: To establish a financial framework for the development of mutually beneficial relationships between vendors, member organizations and members that results in strong financial support for GAHE’s educational programming and networking events, and enhances visibility and contact between stakeholder groups. Tasks of the committee include setting sponsorship levels and benefits and developing a structured sponsor acquisition and relationship management program.

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