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The scholarship application deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications. 

Application for GAHE’s 2022 Scholarship Award for the

ACHE Congress for Healthcare Leadership

March 28-31, 2022, Chicago

Please read this description and complete and submit the form below by February 1, 2022.

GAHE’s 2022 ACHE Congress scholarship will be awarded to an American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Student Associate or regular member enrolled in an accredited college or university pursuing a healthcare-career-focused graduate degree such as  MHA, MBA, or another related graduate degree and is a member of the GAHE chapter of ACHE. This scholarship is intended to support the mission of GAHE.

GAHE will issue two scholarships of $1,500 each for student(s) to attend the March 28-31, 2022, ACHE Congress in Chicago. The funds may be applied toward registration ($449 student registration), travel, meals, and lodging. Funds will be distributed as a reimbursement to scholarship recipients and reported on IRS Form 1099.

The mission is to facilitate professional development for healthcare leaders in the region and prepare them to shape local, regional and national healthcare management practices.


  1. ACHE Student Associate member or regular ACHE member assigned to the GAHE chapter.
  2. Has attended at least one GAHE event over the past 12 months (virtual or in-person).
  3. Enrolled in an accredited college or university pursuing a healthcare-career-focused graduate degree such as MHA, MBA, or another related graduate degree
  4. Minimum GPA of 3.0 or equivalent
  5. In good standing at the college or university through December 31, 2021.

Applications – To be considered for the award, applicants are asked to complete this form and submit the following:

  1. Resume
  2. Copy of transcript (note: can be unofficial)
  3. Up to 2-page personal statement (single or double spaced), including how their academic pursuits and community involvement, particularly with GAHE, align with the mission and values of ACHE: Integrity, Lifelong Learning, Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, and Service

Application Deadline: Application materials must be received by 10:00 pm on Tuesday, February 1. Application materials must be submitted electronically via this form. 2022 Congress Scholarship recipients will be notified by February 14, 2022.


The 2022 Student Congress Scholarships are sponsored by GAHE.  Each scholarship recipient will receive up to $1,500 for reimbursement toward ACHE Congress expenses that will be issued as a 1099.  Necessary information such as SSN will need to be provided by the winner(s).  The scholarship recipients will be recognized through the GAHE website and newsletter. Scholarship recipients will also be invited to attend dinner with GAHE’s board in Chicago on Sunday, March 27. We request each scholarship recipient to write a brief 1-page  review of their Congress experience for use in GAHE’s future communications.

Responsible Administrator: GAHE Scholarship Subcommittee Chair, Chet Bhasin FACHE. Send an email regarding any questions about the application to